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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I turn the music off?  I just want to listen to the nature sounds!

YES!  For any of our discs that have nature sounds, you can turn off the music (or you can turn off the nature sounds and just listen to the music too).  Some discs, such as the art discs, don't have accompanying nature sounds, but instead have 7.1 musical accompaniments that can be muted. 

2) Will your Blu-ray discs work on my DVD player?

No, there are no Blu-ray discs in the world that will work on your DVD player.  Some companies claim that their DVDs were "shot in HD." That's just deceptive marketing.  
3) Will your discs cause image burn-in?

No. BluScenes discs are used 24/7 in hospitals and TV showrooms, and by hundreds of thousands of customers, and we've never caused a single case of burn-in.  On older CRT TVs and early plasma screens, burn-in was caused by high-contrast, stationary images displayed for a long time.  Sort of like bad tan lines for a TV.  (This is not to be confused with "image retention," which is a temporary "ghosting," which is common and harmless on plasma TVs).   Newer TVs (essentially, any TV with an HDMI port) are much more efficient, have built in prevention systems such as pixel shifting, and are essentially immune to burn-in.  However, our discs are not comprised of stationary images, and would also be safe for older TVs. 

4) What is "Instant Digital Copy?"

Our Blu-ray discs include a free digital copy for immediate download, as soon as your order is placed.  Even though these files are at a much lower quality than our Blu-ray discs, they are still much sharper than DVD. These files will play on a wide range of media players, such as Roku, Apple TV, Computers and some DVD players that support mp4 format.

5) Will these Blu-ray discs work in my country?

Yes.  All BluScenes discs are created as region-free discs.  Additionally, the old NTSC/PAL differences don't impact 1080p Blu-ray.

6) Are BluScenes better than HDScape, HD Moods, and others?

Yes, and the guy who writes our FAQ is better looking too.  In other words, we're biased.  Rather than ask for our opinion, take a look at our previews and be the judge!

7) Will you ever release these programs on DVD?

No.  We're a small company.  We'd rather spend our resources making the best ambient Blu-ray discs possible than spreading our resources too thin and making lousy DVDs and Blu-rays. 

8) Are all of your discs really 1080p?

Yes, they are really all captured in 1080p or better resolution and are all brand new programs, created specifically for Blu-ray.  Many of them were captured in 4K resolution.  Each disc gives you the option of 7.1 DTS-HD MA (lossless) audio, Dolby 5.1 or Dolby Digital stereo.
9) What do you mean when you say "free public display license?"

Each BluScenes Blu-ray disc includes permission to play/perform the program on a single public screen (per disc purchased).  This is ideal for businesses, healthcare centers and other locations that are looking to display the discs publicly.  It is very important to realize that most Blu-ray discs and DVDs do not include a public display option.  Some publishers charge an additional fee for public display and some publishers don't provide a legal public display option.  BluScenes discs, on the other hand, are created specifically for public display, so we naturally include a license. 

For larger installations, involving multiple screens or closed-circuit video on demand, you have the option of simply purchasing more discs (practical for a small number of screens), or obtaining a volume license along with a pre-loaded hard drive containing the 1080p video files. 
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