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Majestic Waterfalls (Download Only)

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This listing is for the download only of Majestic Waterfalls.  No disc will be mailed.  However, if you do decide to purchase the Blu-ray disc, we will credit the download price. 

This download contains all three scenes in 720p and full Blu-ray 1080p .M4V format, suitable for Apple TV, Roku and all home media players.  (hint: choose a different language track to turn the music on or off and just hear the waterfalls).

From well-known destinations, such as Niagara and Iguazu Falls to more intimate babbling brooks and cascades, Majestic Waterfalls provides a wonderful way to set a set a mood, while the white noise of the rushing water blocks out unwelcome distractions.Choose the Waterfalls Only or Cascades Only mode, or mix it up with the Waterfalls and Cascades Montage.

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